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Procedures for Physical Education/Health/Driver Theory

Department of Physical Education/Health/Driver Theory

Electronic Device / Unprepared Student Procedure – Effective February 7, 2011

The following are rules in regard to electronic devices and unprepared students in Physical Education, Health, and Driver Theory classes – that will go into effect on Monday, February 7th, 2011. 

If any electronic device (cell phone, music player, game) is VISIBLE or obviously being used, the student will be asked to hand it to the teacher who sees the device. The student will receive one day of In School Suspension for having an electronic device visible or for using an electronic device, and may pick up their phone at the end of the day in Mrs. Lang’s office. If the student refuses to turn the device over to the teacher, the student will be written up for insubordination, and will receive Out of School Suspension.

Use of electronic devices in CHS has become a huge safety problem. If students are being directed to do something in an emergency situation, students can not hear the instructions. Electronic devices hinder the educational process as well.

The electronic device rules will include the gymnasium, locker rooms, weight room, aerobics room, auditorium, and any classroom during Health or Driver Theory classes – as well as anywhere outside of the building while a part of the Physical Education class. This includes the park if the student is at the park for PE class. If it is obvious that a student is “texting” while their phone is in their back pack or pocket book – the student will be asked to hand the phone in – and will be awarded the same penalty.

Students that are unprepared for Physical Education class will no longer be allowed to sit in the gymnasium doing nothing. They will be directed to the aerobics room, where they will be given a written assignment to complete. Any student that is unprepared for Physical Education class, receives a zero for that class, but will have the opportunity to earn 2 points (out of a possible 5) by completing the written assignment.

In addition – any student that changes for Physical Education class but decides to not participate, and elects to sit on the side – or stand and not participate in one of the available activities – will also be directed to the aerobics room to complete a written assignment. This includes the weight room. Any student going to the weight room will be expected to participate in weight training exercises. Any students sitting in the weight room doing nothing – will be directed to the aerobics room for a written assignment. 

As a reminder – all students are being reminded that there is to be no food or drink brought into the gymnasium or any Health or Driver Theory class. If a student is seen bringing in any food or drink – they will be asked to dispose of it properly and immediately. If they do not, they will be asked to go to the ACS room.

These rules have been approved by the Carteret High School Administration. The students will be made aware of these rules on Tuesday, February 1st and Wednesday, February 2nd.   During the rest of that week (February 3rd – 4th) we will remind the students that the penalties for non-compliance of the electronic device rules will go into effect on Monday, February 7th.